Hey guys! 

My name is Logan, and I’m a 36-year-old dad and small business owner living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I own a small pressure washing company that cleans and washes residential and commercial properties. Throughout my career, I’ve learned a lot about cleaning (my wife says “too much”)! 

Eventually, my family got tired of me talking about my job, so I took to the internet to write about all of the interesting little cleaning and house-washing “hacks” that I’ve learned and experimented with! 

The Most Versatile Cleaner In The World

You may be surprised to know that the cleaning solution that I use the most (aside from bleach) is rubbing alcohol! This versatile solution can clean almost anything known to man such as:

  • Bicycle brakes. 
  • Leather. 
  • Computers and electronics. 
  • Glass. 
  • … and more! 

Rubbing alcohol can even kill mold and get rid of dandruff! The more I learned about rubbing alcohol’s many uses, the more I began to appreciate it. It also made me realize that most of the commercial “cleaning products” on the market are all bullcrap

How I Became “The Alcohol Blogger

I started off on social media, making a few videos talking about different ways to use alcohol to make your life easier and how you can substitute this cheap solution for a lot of the expensive name-brand cleaning sprays you’re used to. 

After one of my videos went viral, a couple of friends told me that I should start a blog writing about it. I thought it was a bit of a strange idea, but I decided to give it a shot, and here I am. Now I’m known as the “alcohol blogger.” A few people commented the nickname on my first few blog posts, and it stuck!

About Rubbing-Alcohol.com

My main goal with rubbing-alcohol.com is to show you just how versatile isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be! Whether you’re looking for a more natural and safe way to clean your house, you want to save some money on expensive cleaning products, or you just want to learn more about alcohol’s many uses, this blog is your one-stop resource for everything related to rubbing alcohol! 

Apart from informational articles, I’ll also share links to some of the rubbing alcohol products that I use around my house and at my job! I’ve personally used everything that I recommend, so I will always point you in the right direction. 

My Goal

If I can help teach you a smarter way to clean your house and save you money on unnecessary cleaning tools and solutions, I’ll feel like I’m doing some good in the world! Take it or leave it; my advice is tried and tested

Learn With Me

I take pride in the fact that I probably know more about rubbing alcohol than most chemistry teachers, even though I’m just self-taught! That being said, I’m always learning new things and testing new products to share with my readers. 

If there are any topics that you’d like me to cover or products you’d like me to test, I’m all ears! 

Happy cleaning!