Can Rubbing Alcohol be used for Sore Muscles?

rubbing alcohol on sore muscles

No matter how long Rubbing Alcohol has been a part of our household shelves, this solvent always comes up with surprises. This little liquid bottle is part of our pantry, toiletries, medicinal kit, outdoor kit, and God knows how many other sections.

And when it comes to usage, Rubbing Alcohol becomes a magical solvent for surfaces as well as the human body.

Yes while talking about bodily pain (for arthritis, sore muscles, inflammation, joint pain, and multiple other concerns)Rubbing Alcohol is a one-stop solution for them all.

Rubbing Alcohol has been a prominent solution/ solvent for pain relief since ancient times. Even multiple laboratory types of research claim Alcohol’s potency in relieving bodily pain.

Results from surveys often suggest that nearly 25 to 28 percent of individuals turn to Isopropyl Alcohol for alleviating their pain instead of those pain-relieving ointments and gels.

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Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol does not come with a label for medical usage. This solution though is still a common recommendation from experts, researchers, doctors, and grannies. Here is all about “How Rubbing Alcohol helps in relieving body pains?” Have a look:

Rubbing Alcohol for Sore Muscles? Is it OK to put Rubbing Alcohol on your body?

If you are thinking about how and where to use Rubbing Alcohol, you can definitely put it in your body.

Wiping and rubbing it over your skin in small amounts will provide relief from not one but multiple ailments. And one of the commons amongst them is Sore Muscles.

Sore Muscles that appear after a hard workout session go away on their own. However, if the pain persists, you can apply a slight bit of Rubbing Alcohol over the affected area.

Take no more than 3 to 4 ml and rub it smoothly over the aching body part. Doing this twice a day for 2 days alone will help in alleviating sore muscles.

Does Rubbing Alcohol help arthritis?

While consuming alcohol can worsen the pain from arthritis, Rubbing Alcohol can actually soothe it.

Arthritis is a physical condition that inflames the blood vessels. These inflamed blood vessels further either increase in size or become narrow but overall weak.

This condition can worsen to an extent where sometimes blood vessels stop flowing blood. And this is the exact phase where Rubbing Alcohol helps in soothing arthritis.

When an individual applies Rubbing Alcohol over paining joint, it acts as an irritant and increases the blood flow. This further helps reduce swelling and pain from that particular region.

Massaging Rubbing Alcohol for arthritis also helps the joint fluid flow towards the joint, adding in relief for the patient.

However, it cannot fully cure the condition but can definitely help in alleviating the pain and other discomforts.

Can Rubbing Alcohol reduce swelling?

Yes, Rubbing Alcohol helps in reducing swelling. As discussed earlier as well, by instigating blood flow and joint fluid flow,

Rubbing Alcohol aids in joint and muscle issues. This also adds to reducing the swelling generated by pain and stiff muscles.

Green Alcohol for muscle pain. Does Alcohol help muscle recovery?

Green Alcohol traditionally is Absinthe; however, this isn’t something one must use at any cost. Instead, there come several greens colored 70% Isopropyl solutions in the market that are meant for muscle pain and muscular injuries generated from sports.

Dr. Fred Summit Arthritis & Sport Rubbing Alcohol is one of those green solutions that every sportsman and athlete swears by.

It helps in relieving pains associated with

  • sore muscles,
  • muscular injuries,
  • arthritis,
  • sprains,
  • stiff joint,
  • and tired feet.

For using Dr. Fred Summit Rubbing Alcohol or other similar Green Alcohol solutions:

  • Either, take about 10 ml of Green Alcohol liquid and massage it over the painful muscles. 
  • Or take a bucket half-filled with warm water (make sure the water is warm enough to soak legs).
  • Now add 10 to 15 ml of Green Alcohol into it. Soak your feet until the water cools down. 

Can you put Rubbing Alcohol on a bruise?

As it is commonly known, Rubbing Alcohol makes for a wonderful homemade ice pack that is at par with the ones we get from stores. On the contrary, when applied over bruises, ice packs speed up the recovery.

Thus, when treating bruises, Rubbing Alcohol in the form of ice packs will do the job wonderfully within no time.

Which Alcohol is best for pain relief?

Whether it is Rubbing Alcohol or Consuming Alcohol, these solvents are known for relieving pain in the human body.

For example, Whisky reduces body inflammation and increases heart health. However, it might help once or twice, but it isn’t a successful cure-all for bodily pains.

Similarly, with its warming nature, brandy has been one of the favorite forms of household Alcohol for centuries. From helping in treating cold to reliving bodily pains, brandy works as one of the trusted forms of Alcohol.

Further, when consumed in moderation, Rum helps in preventing muscular pains. It also assists in providing temporary relief from osteoporosis and arthritis.

In Mexico, Tequila is a popular drink for treating aches, pains, and even headaches. The phenomenon behind the same is that Tequila dilates blood vessels that further promote better blood flow, lowering the intensity of pain.

And at last, Rubbing Alcohol as a liquid ointment, ice pack, or soluble solution helps in reliving multiple kinds of joint and muscular pains.  

Caution: Regardless of the benefits Consumable Alcohol provides in bodily pain, we strongly discourage its consumption. 

What should I avoid while using Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol?

  • No matter how much pain you are in, never use Rubbing Alcohol over open wounds, chemically treated skin, dry & irritated skin, sunburn, windburn, etc. If done so, it will burn your skin more harshly than you can think of.
  • Avoid using a high amount of Rubbing Alcohol and its frequent application. While this solvent helps relieve pain, one must make sure that their skin does not absorb it. If it happens so, it might result in adverse results as well.
  • Rubbing Alcohol by no means is a substitute for consuming Alcohol.
  • In any given circumstance, avoid using Rubbing Alcohol for any internal purposes.
  • While Rubbing Alcohol can help certain individuals with bodily pain, it can also negatively impact others. In case of any reaction after using Rubbing Alcohol, reach your nearest hospital immediately.
  • Never use Rubbing Alcohol for treating muscular pain in animals.

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Wrapping up…

Out of multiple usages of Rubbing Alcohol, relieving pain is one of the most useful. You can begin with using a very small amount of this solvent and check whether it helps you or not. I

n several cases, it might start providing some relief within the first use; however, for others, it might take 2 to 3 days to show results.

Regardless of how much it helps to alleviate muscular and joint pain, Rubbing Alcohol is not a medicinal substitute. We recommend you seek medical guidance for better results.

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