How to Get Rubbing Alcohol Stain Out of Wood?

How to get rubbing alcohol stain out of Wood

Many of you are familiar with the hazards of Rubbing Alcohol on wooden furniture. A few of you may have even dealt with stains and unresolvable damage from Rubbing Alcohol on Wood. 

Although wooden furniture is designed to bear different stress in day-to-day life, it might bow down in coming into contact with solvents like Rubbing Alcohol.

While even a bit of contact can do the job of ruining, the more these solvent stays, the worst the effects with develop.

However, there are still chances of saving wooden furniture from Rubbing Alcohol stains. Here is the entire step-by-step research on the same. Have a look:

Rubbing Alcohol effects on Wood

Rubbing Alcohol is a colorless liquid, and this, unlike red wine, grape juice, or other drinks, won’t leave back a colour stain.

Instead, it will instantly mar the finish on Wood or damage lacquered or painted wooden furniture.

Rubbing Alcohol doesn’t actually damage Wood, but it interferes with the sealant on the Wood.

Thus, your entire furniture wouldn’t actually get ruined, but you will surely require some refinishing for the same.

How to remove Rubbing Alcohol stains from wooden furniture?

If you have accidentally spilled Rubbing Alcohol on your wooden furniture, make sure you promptly fix it.

Try the method given below, and it is definitely going to help you. 

The Step-by-step process:

  1. Firstly, take a dry paper towel or quick-absorbing cloth and clean any fresh Alcohol from the wood surface. 

TIP: Do not rub the cloth and avoid tilting the wood table/ furniture. The idea here is to remove any traces of unsoaked Alcohol without letting it spread over.

  • Also, avoid using any paper or cloth with dye (for example, newspaper, etc.).
  • Now take a clean white cloth and dip it into furniture oil. 
  • Taking the same oil-dipped cloth, rub over the direction of the wood grain. Make sure you keep rubbing it over the affected area until it soaks in oil very well.


  • For instance, when Rubbing Alcohol has already dried up on the furniture. Here take equal parts linseed oil and rottenstone and form a paste. Now using a soft cloth, rub the paste in the direction of the grain.
  • If the Wood still appears dull, you can use a coat of furniture wax. 

Caution: Before using linseed oil on the tabletop, perform a spot test on the underside. Only continue if the ingredient suits your furniture type/ wood type.

Does isopropyl alcohol take off the wood finish?

Isopropyl Alcohol on Wood can result in discoloring of the finished Wood.

The Alcohol solvent will dissolve the finish. Isopropyl is made for liquifying wood finishes, including varnishes and stains.

Will Rubbing Alcohol damage unfinished wood?

No, Rubbing Alcohol is dangerous for a wood finish, though it does not harm Wood itself.

Thus, when you accidentally splash a bottle of Isopropyl on Wood, relax back.

Let the solvent evaporate, and it will leave back no after effect. 

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean furniture?

Rubbing Alcohol comes in handy for cleaning furniture, but not all furniture. 

For example, materials like Wood and leather are not meant for cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol.

Whereas for removing stains from couch and fabric sofas, Rubbing Alcohol will definitely prove beneficial.

By removing tough stains, it will transform your couch into new. 

However, be cautious if you have a colour sofa, or if your couch is made of some delicate fabric.

Before using Rubbing Alcohol on them, do perform a patch test on the underside. 

Rubbing Alcohol stain stays forever on my wooden furniture?

If none of the home remedies and solution helps remove Rubbing Alcohol stains from Wood, do panic.

The situation, though, is a little miserable, but your wooden furniture still has hopes to revive. 

  1. Either contact a furniture expert and consider refinishing the wood. 


Determine your furniture type (wood type) and then,

  • Take Painter’s tape and apply it around the stained area on your wood furniture. 
  • Now apply stripper to the area and remove the finish.
  • Later wipe it clean and then wipe the new sealant. 

Can hand sanitizer damage Wood?

Yes, if your hand sanitizer contains Rubbing Alcohol, it can definitely damage Wood.

Thus, even for the idea of disinfecting, never use hand sanitizer on wooden furniture or leather.

Even if you have accidentally dropped the same, remove it quickly with the absorbing method. 

Wrapping up…

This was all about Rubbing Alcohol and its impact on Wood. The above tips and tricks will help you go through the stress of stains on Wood.

However, if nothing actually proves in handy for you, then go for professionally re-varnishing the furniture. 

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