How to Make An Ice Pack with Rubbing Alcohol?

How to make an ice pack with Rubbing Alcohol?

Cold therapy is a low-cost and effective method for reducing muscular pains, cramps, and sprains.

There may come various instances in your day-to-day life where you instantly get a thought like “I need an Icepack”.

Maybe you just got done with a long shift of working on a laptop or had a tiring day of the marathon, or maybe there’s some bleeding tissue. Reasons can be many, but the one-stop solution ‘Ice Pack’ never goes old.

However, there are days when it gets difficult to go and purchase those gel ice packs from the store.

How would you manage then? Will you drop the idea of ice treatment? But why don’t you try making your own gel ice pack at home? Stop wondering and keep reading.

What is the best way of making an ice pack at home?

If you want to recreate a store-like gel Ice pack at home, all you need is Water and Rubbing Alcohol.

The freezing points of both liquids contribute to making a gel ice pack with Water and Rubbing Alcohol.

Freezing Point of Water: 0 °C or 32 F

Freezing Point of Rubbing Alcohol: -89 °C or -128.2 F

When we mix water and Rubbing Alcohol together, the addition of Alcohol keeps water from freezing.

Instead of turning into ice, water remains in a slushy gel-like form. This is why creating a store-like ice pack with Rubbing Alcohol is super easy.

How do you make ice packs that don’t freeze?

Making an ice pack that turns cold but doesn’t freeze is super easy.

Here is the step-by-step process for the same:

Things you will need:

  • A freezing or sealable bag (take size considering how big or small an ice pack you need). Make sure the bag you take is strong and watertight.
  • Water
  • Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol (Take either of 70%, 91%, or 99% Rubbing Alcohol).

Process of making ice pack using Rubbing Alcohol:

  1. Take the freezing bag or a sealable bag and pour one teacup of Rubbing Alcohol in it.
  2. Now inside the same bag, pour two cups of water. Make sure you do not fill the bag till neck, and there is space left for the liquid to flow nicely.
  3. Now seal the bag, give it a light shake and place it inside the refrigerator.

TIP: While you close the bag, make sure you remove as much air as well.

  • Let it freeze for at least 2 hours.
  • Later remove the ice pack, place it over a thin towel and then place it over your body (wherever required). Do not apply it directly, or it can lead to ice burning.

Homemade Dish Soap Ice Pack

Rubbing Alcohol isn’t the only solution that helps in making store-like gel ice packs. Rather there are several such easy ways you can try.

One of the commons amongst them is the Dish Soap Ice Pack. Here is the step-by-step process for the same:

  1. Take a zip lock bag or an ice pack bag.
  2. Fill it with half to 1 cup of dish soap. Remember, the more dish soap you will add, the more gel-like ice pack you will achieve. However, avoid over adding the dish shop.
  3. Now add one and a half cups of water into the same ziplock bag and seal it.
  4. Give the bag a nice shake, ensuring the entire solution inside blends together well.
  5. Now place it inside the freezer for about 2 hours.
  6. We do not recommend keeping it inside the freezer for more than 2 hours. As a result, then it might turn out firm and less malleable.

Corn Syrup Ice Pack

Corn Syrups makes excellent malleable gel-like ice packs. The texture of the same can compete with the one available at the stores.

Here is the step-by-step process for making Corn Syrup Ice Pack. Have a look:

  1. Take a zip lock bag or an ice pack bag.
  2. Fill it halfway with Corn Syrup. (In this method, we do not need to add water or other solvents).
  3. Now tightly close the Ziplock bag and freeze it for about 4 hours.
  4. Later, bring the ice pack out and use it as you want.

TIP: Make sure the zip lock bag you use would not leak at any chance. Remember, Corn Syrup creates an incredibly sticky mess and can ruin your freezer.

Wrapping up…

This was all about making an ice pack with Rubbing Alcohol. Along with that, we recommend you double bag your ice packs.

Place the first Ziplock bag with the seal facing downwards and then layer it with another (with the seal facing the opposite side). This way, you can stay safe from the stress of the ice pack leaking.

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