What Happens If You Get Rubbing Alcohol In The Eye?

Rubbing Alcohol in the eye

Rubbing Alcohol has successfully made a prominent place in our household and workspace. Today, it is in its purest form or as an ingredient in multiple daily use products; it is hard to find liquid bottles that don’t have Rubbing Alcoholic them.

And why not? Regardless of it being a chemical or Alcohol, it has always been a savior for multiple small and big tasks.

Though imagine what if one day, while using Rubbing Alcohol, it accidentally went into your eyes? What do you think is worrisome? Do you need to see a doctor?

Hold your horses as this article covers all such concerns considering Rubbing Alcohol and Eye. Here’s all about whether Rubbing Alcohol is harmful to the eyes? And What to do if you get Rubbing Alcohol in your eyes? Have a look:

Is Rubbing Alcohol harmful to your eyes?

Rubbing Alcohol is though a magical solvent, it still is not safe for internal use. Due to its chemical composition, leaving Rubbing Alcohol for long on the skin or using it in-ear, eye and any internal organ is unsafe.

Rubbing Alcohol is known for its potential of causing chemical burns, and thus for the eyes, it is extremely harmful. If you accidentally splash it in your eye, it can damage your Cornea, the outermost layer of the eye.

Also, depending upon how pure or strong the solution was, it may likely damage the deeper structures and layers inside the eye.

Why does Isopropyl Alcohol make you blind?

Does Alcohol cause blepharitis? Isopropyl isn’t just dangerous but twice as potent as Ethanol when it comes to internal damage. Inhaling, Ingesting, or bringing Isopropyl in contact with eyes can immediately show fatal results.

Depending upon the severity of the condition, it can cause

  • blepharitis,
  • irritation in the eyeball,
  • temporary blindness,
  • or permanent blindness as well.

The moment this solvent touches or absorbs in your eye, it can lead to

  • epithelial keratitis,
  • occasional corneal abrasion,
  • or ocular surface irritation.

What happens if you get Ethanol in your eye?

Ethyl Alcohol in the eye? What to do? Ethanol is one of the most common organic chemical compounds. From polishes to cosmetics, lacquers, and medicinal drugs, it is one prominent ingredient in multiple daily-use items.

However, Ethanol by no means is safe for your eyes. And even if you have accidentally brought Ethanol in contact with your eyes, you must quickly wash them with cold water.

Further, instead of waiting for some symptoms to show, quickly reach an eye specialist for medical examination.

Can Methanol damage your eyes?

Methanol is a chemical and the simplest Alcohol. It is commonly found in products like

  • plywood subfloors,
  • foams,
  • adhesives,
  • windshield washer fluid,
  • and solvents.

Methanol is a clear, colorless liquid with a weak odor. At times, one might confuse it with other Rubbing Alcoholsolvents as they all look quite similar by looks and fragrance.

Along with that, when it comes to Alcohol poisoning, Methanol is no different from other similar solvents.

If coming in contact with eyes, Methanol can damage them, which sometimes can even lead to blindness.

Some of the early symptoms may include painful eye movement, blurred vision, and photophobia.

It can further lead to sluggish pupil reactions and reduced visibility. In the past, it has been common where small amounts of denatured Alcoholcontaining Methanol have even led to irreversible blindness.

Can you go blind from hand sanitizer in your eye?

Hand Sanitizer in the eye can prove quite dangerous, especially when you have not handled it correctly.

While your eye comes in contact with an Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you may notice redness, swelling, and sharp pain.

However, if you wash your eye quickly with cold water, you can stop any adverse effects from appearing.

Though if there’s still any irritation in your eyes, it is important and safe to reach a doctor as soon as possible.

Hand Sanitizer in your eyes will definitely not blind you, but it can cause you pain, injury, and discomfort.

What to do if a dog got Rubbing Alcohol in the eye?

Rubbing Alcohol, though it is known for killing viruses, it in any way is not safe for use amongst dogs.

However, if your dog accidentally has gotten Rubbing Alcohol in his eyes, one must immediately look upon it instead of waiting for effect.

In such cases, irrigate your dog’s eye with clean and cold water for up to 5 minutes. Afterward, instead of waiting for increasing signs of redness in the dog’s eye, reach your Vet immediately.

Negative effects Rubbing Alcohol can have on eye

While the benefits of Rubbing Alcoholare always argued, one cannot deny its negative effects too. It being a prominent part of several day-to-day products is probably because of its low cost and high effectiveness.

However, that doesn’t mean it can cover the possible risk which Rubbing Alcohol can cause. Here are a few of them:

  • Rubbing Alcohol is highly flammable. When in use or while simply lying on your countertop, it must be kept away from all sources of heat and light.
  • Rubbing Alcohol is not meant for ingestion, inhalation, and absorption (for both humans and animals). Most of the time, one should avoid creating circumstances leading to the above. However, if consumed in any way, it can lead to nausea, vomiting, and breathing difficulties.
  • Rubbing Alcoholwhile coming in contact with eyes and ears can develop injuries. If such a situation arises, one should wash the eye immediately and seek medical help.

Wrapping up…

Rubbing Alcohol in its pure and product form is definitely harmful to the eyes. While almost all foreign substances are harmful to the eye, Rubbing Alcohol is a solvent that tops them all.

Further, if it is left for a longer time in contact with the eyes, it can result in blindness or, in some cases, can damage cells connecting to the brain.

However, for the times you accidentally got Rubbing Alcohol in your eyes, instead of panicking, wash it repeatedly. Further, regardless of how better you are feeling, do visit an eye specialist to establish the extent of the damage.

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