What is the Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol?

What is the Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing Alcohol, though it cannot be frozen, do you know you can actually boil this solvent?

Yes, like any other solvent, Rubbing Alcohol too has a Boiling Point.

However, the Boiling Point of Alcohol depends upon the type of Alcohol, the Atmospheric pressure, and its composition.

Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol: 82.5 °C

The Science behind the Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol

As said above, Atmospheric pressure can highly interfere with Alcohol’s Boiling Point.

For instance, if you are at sea level, the Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol will remain at 82.5 °C.

However, if you are even slightly above sea level, both Atmospheric pressure and Boiling Points will decrease.

The Boiling Point of Alcohol, specially Rubbing Alcohol, is comparatively higher than other alkanes that contain similar molecular weight. 

For example, Propane has a Molecular weight of 44, whereas Ethanol has a Molecular weight of 46.

Even though both the numbers aren’t much different, their Boiling Point goes like this,

−42 °C (−44 °F)- Propane

78 °C (173 °F)- Ethanol

This huge difference between Boiling Points is because the molecules of Ethanol attract each other stronger than that of Propane.

What is the Boiling Point of Isopropyl alcohol?

Isopropyl Alcohol is secondary alcohol with a Boiling Point of 82.5 °C.

Though commonly while experimenting, you will find its Boiling Point closer to 80.3°C or 177°F.

This again gets influenced due to the Atmospheric pressure.

What is the flashpoint of Isopropyl alcohol?

The flashpoint of Isopropyl Alcohol is,

Open cup: 11.7 °C (53.1 °F; 284.8 K) Closed cup: 13 °C (55 °F)

Can I boil Rubbing Alcohol at home?

Yes, you can definitely boil Rubbing Alcohol at home, but remember, it will evaporate within no time.

At last, you will end up with a lower concentration of Alcohol.

The Boiling Point of Rubbing Alcohol (82.5 °C) is lesser than the Boiling Point of Water (100 °C).

Is it safe to boil Rubbing Alcohol at home?

Even though you can boil Rubbing Alcohol at home, the process for the same isn’t actually safe. 

Rubbing Alcohol is a flammable liquid that produces flammable vapors. So if you are planning to boil it at home, do learn about the dangers associated with it beforehand. Here are a few things you might want to know before:

  • Boiling Rubbing Alcohol over a flame at home can lead to a fire. A few drops of Rubbing Alcohol over the burning stove will lead to open fire
  • Flammable vapors from Rubbing Alcohol can travel to the closer electric socket and ignite points. This, at any moment, can lead to an uncontrollable fire. 
  • Inhaling the flammable vapors of Rubbing Alcohol in large amounts is harmful to health. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, and irritation of the nose, mucous membranes, and throat. Individuals who contact these vapors can find it difficult to breathe. 
  • Remember, one cannot control the fire from Rubbing Alcohol with Water. You either require a carbon dioxide extinguisher or something that is heat resistant and non-flammable. 

How much Isopropyl alcohol can you inhale?

Individuals must not inhale even a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol.

However, in accidental conditions, a small number of Isopropyl vapors won’t really harm your health.

Only long exposures and a high number of vapors can actually cause harm. 

If any day you realize inhaling vapors of Isopropyl Alcohol, run into an open-air space immediately.

Take deep breaths and take in the maximum amount of fresh air. This will make you feel better.

However, if Alcohol Poisoning has already done its job, seek medical attention immediately. 

Can I boil Isopropyl Alcohol with Water?

Yes, one can boil Isopropyl Alcohol with Water. However, the process is equally dangerous as boiling Alcohol alone. 

Boiling Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol in enclosed spaces will build up explosive vapor levels. This has both inhaling and explosive dangers.

Can you safely microwave Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol?

Never try heating/ boiling Rubbing Alcohol inside a microwave or OTG. Remember, Isopropyl is flammable, toxic, and has a low vaporization temperature.

When you heat this solvent in a microwave, it will likely create a chemical blast, more hazardous than you can think of.

Even when it is physically possible to microwave Rubbing Alcohol, from a safety perspective, never do it. 

Wrapping up…

No matter how safe a Rubbing Alcohol solvent is, never experiment with it at home.

After you are using it for cleaning, disinfecting, or treating, leave the bottle safely preserved.

Boiling, inhaling, or burning this solvent will leave your house with fire hazards and life with dangers.

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