5 Reasons: Why We Have Different Percents of Isopropyl Alcohol?

difference in the percentages of Isopropyl Alcohol

Why do they have different percents of isopropyl alcohol? Well, Isopropyl Alcohol, also known as 2-propanol, is the most widely known Rubbing Alcohol product. Isopropyl is a liquid commonly used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and cleaning agent across commercial and household platforms.

It is one of the simplest examples of secondary Alcohol, but unlike consuming Alcohol, it is colorless.

Recently, with the trend and necessity of sanitization worldwide, Isopropyl Alcohol also got a boost in popularity. Instead of buying sanitizers and other disinfectant liquids, several individuals are rather keen on investing in a good RubbingAlcohol.

However, the process brings up one important and confusing question: Which percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol should I purchase?

Isopropyl Alcohol and its Percentages

Isopropyl Alcohol comes in not one but multiple percentage variants. On the marketplace, one can see

  • 50% RubbingAlcohol,
  • 70% RubbingAlcohol,
  • 91% RubbingAlcohol,
  • 99% RubbingAlcohol,
  • and 100% RubbingAlcohol.

This whole range of percentage of Alcohol is nothing but the indication for purity of the solution.

For example, 100% RubbingAlcohol is the purest Isopropyl, whereas 91% or 70% are its diluted form.

Different percentages of Isopropyl come in handy for different variety of tasks. Neither is 100% Isopropyl the best nor is 50% Isopropyl the worst. It is simply concentrated for different purposes considering both safety and usability.

What is Isopropyl Alcohol 100% used for?

100% isopropyl alcohol is the purest solution of RubbingAlcohol with the highest percentage of concentrations. It is undiluted and has the best strength among other Isopropyl percentages.

However, when higher the percentage, the evaporation rate becomes greater. This means 100% Isopropyl will evaporate and dry faster than any of its other concentrations.

100% IsopropylAlcohol comes in handy for industrial cleaners and professionals. It is great for disinfecting hard surfaces and cleaning surfaces like glass. On an industrial level, 100% Isopropyl is also a great product for cleaning gadgets like mobile and tablets.

When is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Used?

99% IsopropylAlcohol has just 1% of moisture content; it is still vital for chemical formulations that specifically require 99% Isopropyl.

Even though both 99% and 100% Isopropyl have similar features, certain tasks require 99% specifically instead of 100%.

Apart from the common industrial cleaning and disinfecting usage, 99% Isopropyl has dedicated usage as well. It comes in handy for Laboratory use and special chemical formulations.

What is 91% IsopropylAlcohol Used for?

91% IsopropylAlcohol means 91% of Alcohol and 9% of purified water. It is a strong yet watery variant of RubbingAlcohol.

91% Isopropyl is a very effective disinfectant commonly a part of First Aid kits.

It comes in handy for cleaning cuts, bruises, and scrapes. It is also commonly used for sterilizing skin prior to vaccination.

What is IsopropylAlcohol 70% used for?

70% IsopropylAlcohol means 70% of Alcohol and 30% of purified water.

It is the most common RubbingAlcohol that household individuals swear.

Regardless of its dilatation, 70% Isopropyl is known as better household Alcohol than 99% or 100%.

Unlike the higher concentration, it isn’t harsh on the skin but is still reactive and effective.

Also, due to higher moisture content, 70% of Isopropyl stays on the surface for longer, and its evaporation takes time.

70% IsopropylAlcohol is a great household disinfectant. In fact, it also makes for a great daily use sanitizer when used in the right quantity and method.

Some of its other handy usages include insect killing, antiseptic liquid, and deep cleaning.

Different Percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol and its Usage

100% IsopropylAlcohol and Its Usage

  • Commercial and Industrial level Cleaning
  • It is ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, and tough laundry.
  • It is ideal for cleaning makeup tools, dental tools, and other such kits.
  • It is ideal for disinfecting gadgets and machinery.

99% IsopropylAlcohol and Its Usage

  • It is ideal for Laboratory usage, ideally for cleaning Lab and sterilizing lab tools.
  • In Laboratories, 99% Isopropyl is a common concentration for chemical formulations.

91% IsopropylAlcohol and Its Usage

  • It comes in handy for cleaning cuts, wounds, and other minor skin injuries.
  • It comes in handy for Sterilizing before vaccination or for tools.
  • It is great for removing ink or other tough stains.
  • It comes in handy for removing the sticky residue that stays after removing stickers.

70% IsopropylAlcohol and Its Usage

  • It is one of the best disinfectants.
  • It is commonly a part of first aid kits.
  • It comes in handy when fighting bed bugs and other household insects.
  • It works great as a cleaning agent for the common household mess.

What is 50% IsopropylAlcohol used for?

Is 50% IsopropylAlcohol any good? 50% IsopropylAlcohol means 50% Alcohol and 50% purified water.

Commonly the 50% concentration works as an antimicrobial and disinfectant.

Because it is watery to a really high level, it efficiently penetrates the bacterial cell wall and destroys potential infection-causing enzymes. In simple words, its level of dilatation increases its potency of antimicrobial properties.

Why is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol better than 91% or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol?

There is a common misconception that a higher concentration of RubbingAlcohol is better. However, in reality, and real-time usage, the scenarios speak else way.

When used as a disinfectant, the higher the concentration of Alcoholic acts less effectively it kills pathogens. According to research conducted by microbiologists, 91% or 99% IsopropylAlcohol is too powerful.

When used for insects, it causes an external injury that further by forming a protective wall shields them from any other harm.

Why 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is better?

In other words, it means that when the outer membrane of an insect is solidifying, the higher Alcohol concentration can put no further harm.

Also, because 91% or 99% IsopropylAlcohol evaporates very fast, that time frame does not allow the solution to penetrate inside insects’ bodies for killing them further.

However, when we talk about 70% isopropyl alcohol, it by far works as the best disinfectant amongst any RubbingAlcohol. Because it has 30% purified water content, it easily penetrates through the cell membrane of the bacteria and thus kills them.

Also, the dilatation of absolute Alcohol is necessary for denaturing process of proteins, which will further allow the solution to enter the cells. 70% IsopropylAlcohol easily enters the cell to denature both structural and enzymatic proteins.

It further increases the efficiency of its antimicrobial properties. Also, due to the extended water content, 70% of Isopropyl does not evaporate that quickly and thus has enough time to do the job.

This is why 70% isopropyl alcohol is far better at killing bacteria and infections instead of 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol.

It isn’t about the Alcohol but the water content that ensures penetration and also provides enough time frame (before evaporation) for the solution to work.

Which is the best and most recommended percentage of IsopropylAlcohol for home usage?

When it comes to household usage, 70% isopropyl alcohol is best for home-usage. It should definitely become a part of your first aid kits, bathroom cabinets, and cleaning baskets.

From saving you from skin infection to disinfecting your home surfaces, 70% Isopropyl is the ideal solution for doing it all.

Here’s a list of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol usage in day-to-day life:

  • By mixing 70% IsopropylAlcohol and water inside a Jip lock bag, you can make your own store-bought like an ice pack.
  • It can remove stain marks like ink stains and tough Indian spice stains from hard surfaces as well as fabrics.
  • It is great for cleaning bathroom mirrors, taps, and sinks.
  • 70% Isopropyl works as a magical solution for eliminating Bed Bugs.
  • It will vanish everything from water stains and fingerprints within a single wipe.
  • A 70% IsopropylAlcohol spray will keep your car glasses from developing frost.
  • 70% IsopropylAlcohol when mixed with Alovera Gel, Glycerine, and Scented oil, makes for a great hand sanitizer.
  • It is tough enough to degrease all the build-up inside your kitchen.
  • When diluted rightfully, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol can also disinfect wounds and cuts.

Hazards of IsopropylAlcohol& Safety Precautions while using it

Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless solution with a sharp and musty odor. Regardless of its multiple common usages, there are a few hazards of Isopropyl you must know about. Here they are:

  • IsopropylAlcohol is highly flammable; thus, avoid using it near heat, flame, or electric sockets. Also, avoid using heat, even Sunrays directly over surfaces that have Isopropyl over them.
  • IsopropylAlcohol is not a solution for internal usage. In circumstances when ingested, seek medical attention immediately. Also, avoid inducing vomiting as with that, there’s always the risk of chemicals being aspirated into the lungs.
  • IsopropylAlcohol is not a solution for Inhalation. However, if someone does so, bring that individual immediately into the fresh air. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.
  • If someone accidentally brings IsopropylAlcohol, wash their eyes with cold water and reach the medical center soon.
  • Regardless of whatever individuals preach, IsopropylAlcohol is not a solution for animals by any means.

Wrapping Up…

Isopropyl Alcohol is a beneficiary household product regardless of the percentage.

Its amazing varieties can come in handy for various day-to-day jobs making the process easier.

We hope that your next IsopropylAlcohol buying process will become easier with all the information given above.

By now, you must have an idea of what percentage of IsopropylAlcohol will suit your requirement the best.

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