Is Rubbing Alcohol Good for a Fever? 3 Benefits of IPA

Is rubbing alcohol good for a fever

You may have often heard from friends and family that how handy Rubbing Alcohol is for bringing down a fever. But do you really believe it?

Bringing down a high temperature can be truly worrisome. Especially when fever touches high during nighttime, with no medical help close by, the first thought is to bring down the temperature. And for doing the same, a lot of individuals swear by Rubbing Alcohol.

However, the doubts about whether it is safe still remain the same. Come, let’s have a look at the matter closely.

NOTE: We, under any circumstances, do not encourage or advise Alcohol consumption. nor do we recommend it as a medication for fever control the article is for information purposes only

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol to Bring Down a Fever?

Using Rubbing Alcohol on the skin (for any cause) is a personal choice. However, if the query state whether the solvent is beneficial during fever, the simple answer is NO.

Applying Rubbing Alcohol (with Coldwater pads) during fever will surely give relief from high temperatures. However, this remedy is of absolutely no use for curing fever internally.

Rubbing Alcohol has two known properties: First, its cooling sensation, and Second, its quick evaporation. When used for sponging during high fever, the cooling sensation of Rubbing Alcohol surely provides some relief.

However, the same cooling sensation will make the skin cold too quickly, inviting shivers and chills once it starts evaporating.

And during fever, when the body is very cold from the outside, it rapidly turns up the internal thermostat.

Is it OK to put Rubbing Alcohol on your body?

Even though when a lot of people around the world follow the same, we still discourage Rubbing Alcohol usage on the skin.

Rubbing Alcohol is a chemical solvent that is meant for cleaning and disinfecting. Even though when it is a prominent part of several sanitizers and body wipes, there must be a limit on its usage.

When you use Rubbing Alcohol on the skin, the open pour absorbs it. This process, when expected in a high volume, can prove toxic.

You will start feeling irritation in your skin or it may start drying out, leaving rashes behind. Also, it opens up possibilities for Alcohol inhalation.

Accidental Rubbing Alcohol poisoning can lead to Slowed breathing, Circulatory collapse, and other Fatal condition. More than adults, it is quite common amongst kids.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol for High Temperature in babies?

Instead of using Rubbing Alcohol when your kid is in fever, seek a pediatrician’s help. Or, for an emergency,

Is it OK to use Rubbing Alcohol on toddler skin? When your child is suffering from fever, avoid using Rubbing Alcohol on them at any cost.

Children are more sensitive than adults, and solvents like Rubbing Alcohol can behave extremely toxic to them.

Also, because their skin and organs are more immature than adults, any contact with Rubbing Alcohol can show a quick and adverse reaction.

Households who swear by Rubbing Alcohol often report cases of isopropyl Alcohol poisoning through skin absorption in their infants and toddlers.

you can also keep common medicines handy at home, depending upon your child’s age. Though again, for the same, consult your pediatrician first.

Is it OK to use Rubbing Alcohol in the bathwater?

People use Rubbing Alcohol in their bath water because it soothes like a fresh breeze. However, one must avoid doing the same.

Prolonged exposure to Rubbing Alcohol can lead skin to absorb the solvent. This further can lead to toxicity.

Some old-school remedies also suggest using Rubbing Alcohol in bath water if you have body aches.

Though instead of that, you can rub a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol in the painting area.

When you apply Alcohol to aching muscles, it stimulates the blood flow and provides relief from pain. Or you can also use Rubbing Alcohol for making store brought like ice packs.

Which Alcohol is good for fever and cold?

When it comes to quick home remedies for cold and flu, elderlies swear by Alcohol. Even many of you may have heard your grandparents suggesting a half cup of brandy with hot water or Whiskey for cold.

Even though there aren’t any studies that prove consuming Alcohol’s benefits for cold, instances do claim the same.

For Example, for headaches that are associated with cold, Whiskey behaves as a great decongestant. The idea behind the same is, Alcohol like Whiskey dilates the blood vessels.

Also, the decongestant benefits of this liquid help mucus membranes deal with nasal congestion. Due to its body-warming properties, Alcohol also comes in handy in colder regions.

However, during fever, Alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body. This further can prolong the symptoms and stretch the recovering cycle.

Benefits of Rubbing Alcohol on feet- The truth behind it

One of the common usages of Rubbing Alcohol is for getting rid of smelly feet. But is that really true?

Yes, dabbing a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol in between your toes and the soles of your feet reduces odor. However, this isn’t something you must follow often.

Wrapping up…

This entire discussion concludes that you must never use Rubbing Alcohol for fever.

A Rubbing Alcohol sponge might bring down your temperature for a while, but later, it will worsen t

Rather, for soothing high temperatures, go for a lukewarm water sponge bath or cool water sponge.

Or, if the patient requires medical attention, reach your nearest emergency center/ hospital immediately.

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