Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol to clean my Piercing?

can i use rubbing alcohol to clean my piercing

Body Piercing looks cool but infected Piercing does not. However, catching an infection, especially on a new Piercing, is quite common. Though the infection normally goes on its own in a day or two, at times, it might last longer and more painfully.

That is why Piercing artists suggest cleaning fresh Piercing twice a day for a week or two in order to stop or restrict the infection.

Although there are multiple ways for cleaning Body Piercings, individuals often wonder if they can use Rubbing Alcohol for the same. Here is our take on the same. Have a look:

A Brief go-through for BODY PIERCING- Things you might need to know

Body Piercing is an ancient and traditional art. If researches are to be believed, Body Piercing has been in existence for over 5000 years, since 1500 BCE.

Not just in one, two, or three parts of the world, but the Piercing culture was widely spread throughout Africa, Asia, the West, the Middle East, Ancient Rome, and various other regions.

Coming to the present time,

Body Piercing is a simple and hassle-free process. You are safe as long as you are getting it done by professionals, with sterilized tools and a disinfected environment.

The process will pain a little, and you might possibly bleed a few drops though it’s rare to need anesthesia.

Considering metal rings and tops can lead to infection, one should go for gold and silver rings during their first Piercing. While gold might cause some allergic reactions, silver, with its cold properties, behaves as the best metal for Piercing.

BODY PIERCING and how to take care- Questions & Queries you might have

Rubbing Alcohol and its usage on different types of Ear Piercing

  • Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol to clean my Ear Piercing?
  • Can I use Alcohol to clean my Daith Piercing?
  • Can You use Alcohol to clean your cartilage Piercing?

Using Rubbing Alcohol for cleaning Ear Piercing or anybody Piercing has both benefits and drawbacks. While you use Rubbing Alcohol around your Ear Piercing, it will stop all the germ activities in the wound.

However, at the same time, Rubbing Alcohol will also damage the sensitive tissue resulting in delayed healing. This solvent can also induce/increases swelling and burning sensation around the Piercing hole.

Does Alcohol affect Piercings? Why is Alcohol bad for Piercings?

Yes, definitely, both Rubbing Alcohol and Consuming Alcohol can affect Piercing. They aren’t particularly bad for Piercing, but neither are they good.

On the one hand, Consuming Alcohol thins down your blood; thus, drinking a can or two might make your Piercing bleed a bit more.

You anyway will bleed a little but if you don’t want to lose any extra blood, avoid consuming Alcohol before Piercing. However, having a can or two of beer after ear Piercing won’t show any adverse effects.

Whereas on the other hand, Rubbing Alcohol isn’t something that you can use during the first few weeks of Piercing. Piercing on any body part typically takes at least 6 weeks to heal. It is when the open wounds and sensitive tissues around the Piercing recover to the most extent.

Because Rubbing Alcohol can affect sensitive tissues around the Piercing, avoid using it for at least 6 weeks. Further, after 6 to 8 weeks, if you still want to give some aftercare to your Piercing, you can give Rubbing Alcohol a try.

Although, if it still isn’t the right time to use it, you might get some burning or tingling sensation. If yes, then consider washing your Piercing immediately with cold water.

Make sure all the Rubbing Alcohol solution is washed down. However, if you feel fine with using Rubbing Alcohol (after 6 to 8 weeks), you can continue using it.

Can you use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean ear Piercings?

Hydrogen Peroxide has the same reaction on your ear or other body Piercings as that of Rubbing Alcohol.

Hydrogen Peroxide solutions are known for drying out the Piercing hole and killing the white blood cells.

While these White blood cells are responsible for the healing process, usage of peroxide can intervene with that. Peroxide can also cause irritation, and overall, it can lengthen your Piercing’s healing process.

Thus, to the most, avoid using Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning ear Piercings or other body Piercings.

Can I use Alcohol to clean my Nose Piercing?

Can you use Alcohol to clean my Septum Piercing? Yes, once your Nose and Septum Piercing have completely healed, you can use Rubbing Alcohol on them.

Even though it won’t help you anywhere in the healing process, it is one handy solvent for aftercare. However, avoid using Rubbing Alcohol frequently on your skin, despite any concern for that matter.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol to clean my Genital Piercing?

Never use Rubbing Alcohol or other solutions, including Hydrogen Peroxide, to clean Genital Piercing. Because Genital includes both internal and external structures, any chemicalized or even organic product shouldn’t be used there.

If done, it can hamper the pH balance, kill new healthy cells, burn the skin, and even may slow oxygen transport to the tissue.

Cleaning Genital Piercing requires nothing but a Saline solution. Also, make sure you keep the Piercing dry throughout to avoid infection.

Even despite all precautions, if you see some infection developing, consider seeking medical attention. Instead of waiting for the Piercing infection to heal on its own, take your doctor’s advice.

Can I clean my nose Piercing with just water?

If you have a fresh Piercing, avoid soaking it in water at any and all cost. It even means that you should avoid hot tubs, saunas, and swimming pools for the first few days or weeks.

While you can continue taking baths, consider keeping the pierced area dry. It is because water can leave Piercing prone to catching bacterial infections.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol on the Piercing bump?

Piercing Bump is a localized infection; thus, one must never use Rubbing Alcohol to treat it. While sometimes these bumps and blisters go away on their own, if not, you might need to see a doctor.

How to clean an Infected Ear Piercing at home?

Here’s the step-by-step explanation for cleaning ear Piercings at home:

  1. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure the soap is antibacterial.

Note: Until 6 weeks to 8 weeks, avoid removing your earring even while cleaning it. While you can rotate it, in case of infection, even stop doing that.

  • Now take a cotton ball or earbud and soak it in the saline solution. Now dab the same cotton ball over your Piercing both front and back.
  • Further, dap the area with a microfibre cloth and ensure no moisture is left behind.
  • Once your Piercing is dry, apply an antibacterial ointment, and it will encourage healing.

However, if there is any discharge or puss in your Piercing infection, avoid using the ointment. In such a case, consider visiting your Piercing guy or a doctor soon.

6 Additional tips to follow while going through an Ear Piercing

  • Avoid using any lotion, perfume, talcum powder, or such product in and around a new body Piercing.
  • Avoid putting pressure in and around your body Piercing. Until very much required, do not touch the Piercing in the first place.
  • Be on the lookout and monitor if you are developing any infection or not. Look for swelling, redness, rash, bump, discharge, or odor around the Piercing. If found any of them, then seek medical help.
  • For tongue Piercing, avoid eating hot, super salty, and spicy food for a while. Meat, acidic food, and crunchy bites too aren’t advisable.
  • As believed in Asian countries, food items that generate heat must be avoided during the first 6 weeks of Piercing. It is because such food items can lead to bumps and infection.
  • There are chances that you might develop tooth or gum injury due to tongue Piercing. Thus after 4 to 5 weeks of tongue Piercing and even, in the long run, visit your dentist regularly.

Wrapping up…

Healing after a body Piercing is not at all a huge task. Remember, your body will regulate most of the healing process. However, if in any way you have been hampered with the Piercing, you might start seeing its adverse effects soon.

Do take good and consistent care, whether it is nipple Piercing, belly Piercing, or anybody Piercing. A healthy diet, ample water (drinking), and dry Piercing are all that you need to stay away from infection.

And at last, if you are looking forward to using Rubbing Alcohol for cleaning ear Piercing, wait for 6 weeks at least. Or let pass your infection and your Piercing heal finely before you use solutions like Alcohol and Peroxide.

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