Green vs Blue vs Red Rubbing Alcohol- Comparison

Green vs. Blue vs. Red Rubbing Alcohol

By far, most individuals know Rubbing Alcohol as a transparent, colorless liquid.

But then what is it that comes in Green, Blue, and Red color in the name of Rubbing Alcohol?

Aren’t they standalone forms of Rubbing Alcohol? They are. However, there is more to it. 

Let’s learn in detail about Rubbing Alcohol and its availability in different colors. Get along with us. 

What is the color of Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing Alcohol solvent naturally is colorless. It looks no different from water, and if you avoid the smell, one can highly confuse both liquids. 

However, there are different Rubbing Alcohol products available in the market that contains color additives.

For example, at the drug stores or on online platforms, you can find Rubbing Alcohol in different colors, including Red, Green, and Blue.

What is Blue Rubbing Alcohol? Its Composition

Blue Rubbing Alcohol is nothing special but a form of Rubbing Alcohol with color in it.

The Blue tint you see in it is either the presence of Blue dye or Methylene Blue Chloride.

Its Composition (Information on Ingredients):

  • Methylene Blue Chloride (61-73-4), 1%.
  • Water (7732-18-5), 50%.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (67-63-0), 49%
  • Sodium Benzoate (532-32-1), 0.5%.
DR FRED Dr.fred Epsom Salt Blue 16oz
  • Dr. Fred Summit arthritis & Sport rub 16 oz
  • Cool blue ice with alcohol
  • Extra Strength
  • Formulated for rubbing & soaking
  • With Capsicum

What is Blue Rubbing Alcohol used for? Blue Rubbing Alcohol benefits

Blue Rubbing Alcohol has similar usage and benefits as the colorful Isopropyl liquid you own.

Though some of its common usages include Rubbing, Sponge Bathing, Massaging, and as first aid antiseptic. 

Where to buy Blue Rubbing Alcohol?

Blue Rubbing Alcohol is easily available at drug stores, medical stores, and even at a few departmental stores.

Or you can also buy them online from several e-commerce platforms. 

What is Sterillium used for?

Sterillium is a classic blue alcohol-based disinfectant. It comes in handy commonly for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.

Instead of widespread usage as sanitizers, Sterillium is more commonly a part of health care and industry where hygiene is important.

The best part is that, unlike sanitizer and other disinfectants, it does not take away your skin’s moisture but increases it with each application. 

What’s in Green Alcohol? Composition

Green Alcohol or Absinthe is a highly alcoholic spirit. It is basically derived from the herb, species, water, and distillation of neutral Alcohol. Its green color/ tint is a natural color extracted from that herbs.

Absinthe is anise-flavored and has been known as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. 

What is Green Rubbing Alcohol used for?

More than you may think, there are several usages of green Rubbing Alcohol in our day-to-day life.

Though before that, let’s quickly look into the following thought.

“Green Rubbing Alcohol is just a product of Rubbing Alcohol with green color/ tint into it. However, Green Alcohol is another liquid, which is also known as Absinthe.”

Remember, Green Rubbing Alcohol, and Green Alcohol “Absinthe” serve different purposes. They by no means are meant for substituting for each other. 

Green Rubbing Alcohol can be used for all purposes a bottle of Isopropyl is meant for. Some of its common benefits include:

  • It treats cold sores and helps stop the stinging.
  • Using Green Rubbing Alcohol can also help in preventing re-contamination and the spread of an HSV.
  • It provides instant relief from mosquito/ insect bites and keeps itching at bay. 
  • It helps in treating sore muscles, aching joints, swelling, and pain. When you rub Alcohol on a certain (pain) part of the body, it increases the blood flow to the area and thus enhances healing. 
  • It keeps bed bugs at bay.
  • It helps in eliminating fruit flies and common bugs. 
  • It helps in disinfecting and de-stinking shoes. 

Is Green Alcohol good for arthritis?

Green Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl isn’t a cure, but it does help in soothing arthritis symptoms.

However, individuals suffering from arthritis should not rely on Rubbing Alcohol as the solution alone.

Instead, make sure you take proper medication and precaution that helps with your muscular body condition. 

Is there Red Rubbing Alcohol? Does it exist?

Yes, Red Rubbing Alcohol is a common chemical solvent that is very much available in drug stores, medical stores, and online e-commerce platforms.

Red Rubbing Alcohol is basically a solution containing Isopropyl, Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, and other ingredients.

Another prominent ingredient that provides Red Rubbing Alcohol its required color is capsaicin. 

Capsaicin is a chemical derived from the Capsicum plant/ fruit.

What is Red Rubbing Alcohol used for?

Red Rubbing Alcohol commonly comes in handy for rubbing and soaking.

While purchasing a bottle of the same, you will most commonly find Dr. Fred Summit Arthritis & Sport Rubbing Alcohol

Some of its common usages include,

  • For pain-relieving in arthritis.
  • For soothing Aching muscles.
  • For comforting sprains.
  • For comforting aching and stiff joints.
  • For relaxing aching and tired feet.
  • For treating muscular pains.

Are Blue, Green, and Red Rubbing Alcohol all the same?

Blue, Green, and Red Rubbing Alcohol, though they contain Isopropyl as their major/ base ingredient, they all aren’t really the same.

What makes them different isn’t just the color of the Alcohol but also other ingredients present in them. Also, all of these alcohols have purposes of their own.

Dr Fred Summit Arthritis & Sport Rubbing Alcohol, Penetrating Heat Rub
  • arthritis
  • aching muscles
  • sprains
  • aching stiff joints
  • tired aching feet

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Wrapping up…

Rubbing Alcohol, be it of any color, is always an excellent solvent. A bottle of the same can come in handy for not just one-two but multiple tasks.

While the natural color of Rubbing Alcohol is transparent, a manufacturer may supply them with tints, considering usage and purposes.

We hope the next time you step out for buying a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol, the color palette won’t confuse you anymore.

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